Transferato’s taxi service will soon be offering a new service to serve students at local universities who need a cab to or from the airport!

To keep up with the demand, we are adding more services to provide our riders with an even better experience. We know how complicated and busy traveling can get when you’re a student who may not have the time or ability to work out a taxi service to the airport around the holidays or weekends. So, we’re bringing that service to you! All students with a valid university I.D CARD are entitled to 10% discount.

If you’re a local student at any of the nearby universities, we will soon provide discounted rides from your campus to the nearby airports. We’re hoping to offer added convenience to students from out of town, especially around holidays, vacations, and the weekends when lots of traveling happens. With the hustle and bustle of campus life, things can get crazy and you might forget or not know how to book a ride to your next flight. That’s where we come in. At Transferato we provide student taxis with 10% discount to Luton University, Hatfield University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, Northampton University, Warwick University.

We will be reaching out to all of the local universities to alert them of this new, improved airport taxi service we are offering to students, and coordinating with university officials to help promote the services we offer. These specialty taxi services to and from the Luton Airport, Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport and Stansted Airport are going to be offered at a discount to students who need the rides, making it not only affordable, but convenient and safe. And, our drivers are local residents who know the london area and are familiar with each of the airports in London, making them the professionals you want on your side when finding a ride.

The prices of each transfer will be determined by the location you’re headed and will be available upon request. Our university transfer services are more customized to the student experience than other local airport taxis – we’re here just to serve students, and to make sure that the experience they receive is high quality and convenient. By providing this specialty university transfer option, we are the ideal phone call to make when heading out of town for the weekend, or when you’re at the airport and need a ride. Let us handle the details and traffic and we will take care of the logistics of getting you to or from the airport on time. Instead of stressing about finding and booking a taxi service, just make one phone call to Transferato – we will handle the rest of the details for you!

We anticipate that these Airport Transfers services to and from university are going to be in high demand once we get them off the ground. Be sure to book far ahead of time to ensure that you have a driver who is dedicated to getting you to your destination! And, check out the prices online beforehand so that you’re prepared for the different rates of getting to and from campus – each campus’ pricing may be different, and depend on the proximity to the airports.